win back valuable time​

automate your marketing

Win back valuable time by automating your marketing and membership workflows. By working in short sprints, we are able to focus on what really matters.

Focus on what matters

Rather than working in big drawn out projects, I work in short, focused, low risk sprints where I’ll focus on delivering the highest impact automations for your business.

You’ll know exactly when I am building your automations, so that we can collaborate actively. You’ll get the changes you need quicker, so you can get back to business.

And we’ll decide together on the order of priorities before the sprint, along with any pre-requisites, to ensure we can deliver during the sprint. No more endless projects with all that back and forth!

who i work with.

I have experience working with the following types of businesses.

Marketing Teams

I work with marketing teams to deeply integrate marketing tools, automate marketing workflows and manage marketing data.

Membership Sites

I work with membership sites to deeply integrate marketing tools, automate membership workflows and manage membership data.

Events Teams

I work with events teams to deeply integrate events tools, automate event workflows and manage event data..

About me

Blair helps marketing and event teams and membership businesses to streamline operations, get data into the right systems and free up teams to do creative work and by leveraging automation. With a long history of web development and technical leadership, Blair combines marketing and automation strategies with the technical know-how

What clients say

Blair is a highly experienced developer who really understands how to apply technical skills to commercial advantage. He’s also a great guy and is able to communicate complex solutions in simple language​

Julia Toni
Marketing Director at H Bauer Publishing

Blair is an amazing and focused developer who pinpoints great solutions to problems and makes working on projects delightful.

James Jefferson
Project Director at Gravity Global

It’s rare to come across a standout Lead Engineer, Drupal, Agile and Scrum expert talent like Blair.

Martina Keating
Director of Delivery Management at Times Higher Education

What’s included

Every sprint includes the following:

Planning call

30 to 60 min pre-sprint planning call where we discuss your needs and priorities the sprint.


Highly collaborative sprint, where we deliver the automations you need.


14 to 30 days complimentary support where you can ask any questions on the completed work.

sprint options

I offer 2 types of sprints, the standard week long sprint, and a 1-day sprint for smaller or more urgent needs.

get started​

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