Using ConvertKit means you are sending a lot of automated emails. These emails are in sequences and will drip out over weeks and months. But sometimes you need to send up to date information to subscribers, even when they are getting fully automated emails. Or you might want to have a call to action (encouraging subscribers to take the next step) across multiple emails in multiple automations.

Enter ConvertKit’s content snippets. They will save you a ton of time and allow you to include up to date information in automated emails. No more needing to hunt down call to actions in multiple automated emails, or sending broadcast emails just to let your subscribers know about a new product.

Uses for content snippets

ConvertKit’s content snippets give you a central place to store repeatable text and images. These snippets can be re-used in multiple emails.

Content snippets are useful for:

  • Adding social media links to all of your emails
  • Adding time sensitive content to your sequence emails
  • Adding a call to action to all of your sequence emails

Adding a content snippet

You’ll find snippets by clicking on the name of your business in the top right corner, then Content snippets.

Here is an example of a snippet. You can click on the title to edit the contents.

Each snippet has a special code. In the example above, it is:

{% highlight liquid %}

{% raw %}

{{ }}

{% endraw %}

{% endhighlight %}

This is what will appear when you add the snippet to an email.

Adding snippets to sequence emails

Go to the sequence where you want to add the snippet. In the email editor, click on the + icon. From the list, click on Snippet.

A popup will then appear, and you can select the relevant snippet.

Click on the Add to email link, and it will add the code to the email.


You can see how it will appear to email subscribers by clicking on Preview in the email editor.

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