If you are anything like me, you love to write in markdown. And like me, no doubt you’ve realised that ConvertKit doesn’t support markdown! Fortunately, there is a simple work around that you can use to get your words from your writing app into ConvertKit.

All you need to do is export your text from markdown to HTML and then copy and paste that HTML to ConvertKit. Here are the basic steps:

  1. Write your email in markdown
  2. Export as HTML
  3. In ConvertKit, hit the source button and then paste

How you complete step 2 will depend entirely on the writing app that you use.

If you use Ulysses

I use Ulysses, which has a handy button for this purpose. If you also use Ulysses, you’ll find the button in the top bar.

Here are the steps to export to HTML in Ulysses

  1. Hit the share button
  2. Change the dropdown to HTML
  3. Make sure the format is set to full page
  4. Hit the copy icon (second from the left next to the Text drop down)
  5. You can now paste the HTML into ConvertKit

If you don’t use Ulysses

If you don’t use Ulysses and your writing app of choice doesn’t support exporting to HTML, there are online tools that you can use. These tools will convert your markdown to HTML. Here are two tools to get you started:

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