Your ConvertKit email list is going to have a mix of subscribers. Some are going to be engaged, some less so and some totally cold. Have you ever wanted to know who your really engaged subscribers are? You might want to know this for the following reasons:

  • You want to offer them something extra
  • You want to offer them a paid service or product
  • You want to ask them to take a survey, so that you can better understand them

ConvertKit doesn’t come with an out of the box way to get a list of your most engaged subscribers. But it does has a built in feature for cold subscribers. A cold subscriber is someone who hasn’t opened an email or clicked on a link within the past 3 months (assuming they have been subscribed for at least 30 days).

You can use this to create a segment of warm subscribers. A warm subscriber is the opposite of a cold subscriber. Where a cold subscriber hasn’t opened emails, or clicked on links in the past 3 months, a warm subscriber is someone who has. They have either opened an email, or clicked on a link in the past 3 months. In other words, a warm subscriber is an engaged subscriber.

Step by step:

  • Create a new segment
  • Select subscribers that are matching none of the following: Cold subscribers. This will include any subscriber who isn’t cold – therefore all subscribers who have either opened or clicked on a link in the past 3 months.

A few things to bare in mind

The warm subscriber segment is the inverse of the cold subscriber segment. And the cold subscriber segment is looking to people who haven’t opened emails or clicked on links. For this to work, you’ll have needed to send emails over this period. In other words, if you haven’t sent any emails, you are in danger of all of your subscribers coming up as cold.

These segment rely on tracking open emails and link clicks. Tracking opened emails are particularly problematic and not always reliable. This is because some email clients will block the method used to track. As a consequence, you could end up with subscribers who have opened your emails in the last 3 months, but are missing from your warm subscriber list.

Wrapping up

While ConvertKit doesn’t provide an out of the box method to segment warm subscribers, you can create one yourself by find all subscribers who are not cold. By creating a segment of warm subscribers, you could send them an email to offer them a bonus, a paid product or service or a survey to help you serve them even better.

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