one day sprint

Win back valuable time by automating your marketing and membership workflows. By working in short sprints, we are able to focus on what really matters.

automate your business in A focused one day sprint

I help business people like you get your systems connected and talking to each other, your processes automated and your operations under control without the need for a traditional, time-consuming, expensive project.
If you have a small project or list of tasks that you want to get done in timely fashion, I offer a 1 day day sprint (I also offer a week sprint for bigger projects). Here are some examples of we can do in a 1 day sprint.
  • Integrate 3rd party tools
  • A strategy or planning day
  • Welcome sequence for new subscribers or members
  • Automatically publish WordPress posts from new YouTube videos
  • Automate a list of tasks
  • Automate your marketing operations with Make or Zapier

What’s included

Every sprint includes the following:

Planning call

30 min pre-sprint planning call where we discuss your needs and priorities the sprint.


Highly collaborative 1-day sprint, where we deliver the automations you need.

7-days support

7 days complimentary support where you can ask any questions on the completed work.

The sprint process

The day is focused on delivering the key automations that your business needs to become more effective.

Step 1

Book your sprint

Book the day(s) that is best for you. This is a collaborative experience, so make sure you choose a day(s) where you can be available.

Step 2

Planning call

We’ll hop on a planning call to prioritise your list what you need automated, and I’ll give you realistic expectations of what’s possible in the 1-day sprint.

Step 3

The Sprint

On the scheduled date, the sprint takes place. I’ll be entirely focused on your business during the sprint. We’ll collaborate throughout the day via instant messenger or email to ensure you get exactly what you need.

Step 4


After we’ve completed the sprint, you’ll receive 14 days of complimentary email support to ask any questions related to the work we did during the sprint.


price per one-day sprint: £900

why you’ll love working this way

  • Focus more on the high-impact changes and less on the stuff that doesn’t make a difference
  • Lots of collaboration during the intensive
  • Plenty of opportunities to provide feedback with real-time changes
  • It’s low risk. You aren’t committing to a big, long-winded project
  • Dedicated days in which you can be available — no more back and forth for weeks or months
  • Once the intensive is over, you can get back to business – no need work worry about a seemingly never-ending project running in the background

About me

Blair helps marketing and event teams and membership businesses to streamline operations, get data into the right systems and free up teams to do creative work and by leveraging automation. With a long history of web development and technical leadership, Blair combines marketing and automation strategies with the technical know-how

Frequently asked questions

I’ll review what you sent me and get in touch. If I have any questions, I’ll let you know. Otherwise, if it looks like you are a good fit for the Automation Sprint service, I’ll send you the scheduling information. In some cases, it makes sense to jump on a quick 15 min call first.

Absolutely! Just let me know in the form above what systems you are using, and briefly what they need to integrate with, and I’ll let you know.

I offer the service in sprint format. For more information, have a look at the Sprint Process page.

While I have a lot of experience with membership sites, marketing and events teams, I also have experience automating processes for other types of business. Let me know the type of business you have and what you’d like to automate, and I’ll let you know if I think we are a good fit.

I’ll do everything I can to ensure that the list of changes prioritized in the strategy call are completed in the 1-day sprint. If we realise that more time is needed, or if you’d like to add to the list, we can schedule another day or half day.

ready to get started?

I’m currently accepting new clients, and would love to see if there’s a mutual fit. Simply fill out the form above, and we’ll schedule a time where we can discuss your business, your project, and how I can help shape your businesses’ tomorrow.