The problem

The client wanted to convert a tool from being a paid for product to a lead generation asset. Instead of charging for access to the tool, they want to capture their details and add to ConvertKit, where they could be nurtured and added to their ongoing newsletter. An account in Drupal needed to be created for the user, as well as a subscriber record in ConvertKit.

There is no out of the box integration between Drupal and ConvertKit.

The solution

We developed a Drupal service that integrates with the ConvertKit API, to push new subscribers to ConvertKit.

A registration form already existed on the site, to collect relevant details before the user could use the tool. When that form is submitted, the new service with the ConvertKit integration is called. This calls the subscribe method in the ConvertKit API and creates a new subscriber record.

Systems integrated

  • Drupal
  • ConvertKit

Need something like this?

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