Learn how to grow your membership with a member sign-up funnel

Get the blueprint on how you can build a funnel that converts website visitors into paying members.

get more paying members

The vast majority of visitors to your website won’t be ready to sign up for the membership right away. They need to be nurtured and educated on the benefits of joining.

By building a step by step funnel, you’ll be able to attract the right leads and convert them to paying members in a scalable way. On auto pilot!

This blueprint will give you an overview of a membership sign-up funnel that you can customise for your membership site.

what’s included

The Blueprint will help you to welcome, convert and onboard new members.


Welcome your new subscribers, build trust and introduce your membership offer.


Convert subscribers into members by educating them on the benefits of membership.


Onboard new members so they know how to get the best out of your membership.

About me

I’m Blair and I help marketing & event teams and membership businesses to streamline operations, get data into the right systems, free up teams to do creative work and leverage automation. With a long history of web development and technical leadership, I combine marketing and automation strategies with technical know-how.

Get the blueprint

Get the blueprint on how to build a funnel that converts website visitors into paying members.