Shai and Brennan over at RightMessage have just released a new tool called RightCTA, of which I’m fortunate enough to be one of the beta testers. RightCTA is a tool to supercharge the call to actions on your site and make them a lot more relevant to your reader’s needs. You are likely to get happier readers and more conversions (and revenue) as a result.

What is a call to action?

A call to action (CTA) is the point at which you ask the reader of a page on your website to take the next action. Let’s say you have an article and at the bottom of that article, you have a call to action which asks readers if they’d like to get new articles from you via email. Perhaps you take this one step further and include some sort of incentive to take that action.

So far so good.

The problem with most call to actions

But what happens when a reader who is already on your email list reads this same article? They are going to be asked to join the newsletter. They won’t want to take that action as they are already signed up for your newsletter. So it is a dead-end for this reader. A lost opportunity and a waste of valuable website real estate.

Co-Founder of RightMessage, Brennan Dunn, likes to refer to call to actions like this as dumb CTAs. They are dumb because they never change, no matter the context.

A massive improvement on this is if you have a call to action that will change depending on the status of the reader. If a reader is already signed up to receive your newsletter, don’t offer them the newsletter call to action. Instead, offer them a different call to action. Ideally this would be the next natural step that the reader can take. It could be an offer of an educational product like an ebook, a strategy call or something else of value.


RightCTA takes this one step further by first asking readers a question for them to answer that will help you better understand their needs. It will then offer a call to action based on their answer to the question. This ensures that the call to action they get is highly relevant to their particular needs.

What happens if a visitor reads another article on your site?

No problem, RightCTA is clever enough to know that they have already answered the initial question and signed up for the call to action. It can then offer them a different set of questions and call to actions based on the next natural step for them to take. This ensures that at all times, readers have the relevant next action to take. This is the Promised Land of call to actions.

Follow-up emails

After a reader has signed up to your email newsletter, you can then follow up with relevant emails. These emails can be tailored to the answer they gave to your RightCTA question and the call to action they opted in on. This ensures they are getting follow up emails that are most relevant to them. This is great for them and for you (they are more likely to convert into a customer later on).


I’m using RightCTA on BeFused, which is my education website for web developers, to segment my audience into three primary groups. BeFused teaches developers how to develop with Drupal. The three primary segments are:

  1. Developers who are transitioning to the latest version of Drupal (Drupal 8)
  2. Developers who are new to Drupal
  3. Site builders who want to learn to become Drupal developers

In order to segment my audience, I ask them a simple question:

Which of the following best describes you?

And they can choose from the 3 options.

After they answer, they get offered lessons over email specific to their segment. This is what the next screen looks like if a reader chooses the first option.

I have created three different email funnels in ConvertKit, one for each segment. So they are going to get email that are highly relevant to their situation. This is better for them and also means they are more likely to convert to a paid product.

Aside: I’ll be sharing how I’ve set up the relevant follow-up emails in ConvertKit in the near future. Jump on my newsletter if you’d like to be the first to get that.

The future of RightCTA

The RightMessage team are actively improving RightCTA to make it even more powerful. I’ve had a glimpse of the next evolution and it’s super exciting! It’s a tool that is going to get better and better. No doubt I’ll be writing more about it as it evolves!

Summary of the benefits of RightCTA

RightCTA is a huge step forward for most businesses with email funnels. Rather than using “dumb call to actions” that treat everyone the same, you can offer value to people based on their situation.

A summary of the benefits of RightCTA:

  • Readers get the CTA most relevant to them
  • You can find out more about your reader’s needs and problems
  • You can tailor future emails to readers based on the questions they answer, ensuring they get content that is best for them
  • No need to make any code changes to your website to set this up (except for the initial setup on RightMessage)

Would you like to boost your conversion rates and offer your readers better call to actions? I offer a service where I can set this up for you – get in touch if you’d like to talk.

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