The automation sprint

Get your systems connected, your processes automated and your operations under control without the need for a traditional, time-consuming, expensive project.

Often the process for these sorts of automation projects is long and frustrating. You find a consultant or agency you like but have to wait months before they are available. And then there is a lot of back and forth emails and calls, while they figure out what to include and what to charge. The project then takes weeks or even months, with call after call. And then things drag on and on with shifting timescales, sucking the life out of you and your business. Even worse, if you want to make a change, the consultant or agency will often need to re-quote.

I do things differently. Rather than working on big drawn-out projects, I work in short, focused, low-risk sprints where I’ll concentrate on delivering the highest impact changes for your business. You’ll get the changes you need quicker, so you can get back to business.

what can be done in a sprint

Here are some examples of what we can do in a sprint.

CRM integration

Connect your website, membership or event platform to your CRM. .

Evergreen Journeys

Automatically onboard your new prospects & members, with personalised emails, so they feel welcomed and nurtured.


Automate repetitive tasks, data transfers, email campaigns & more.



Each sprint is £2,500 (+VAT for UK clients). Book your sprint now with a 50% deposit.
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The Sprint Process


Step 1

Book your sprint

Book the day(s) that is best for you. This is a collaborative experience, so make sure you choose a day(s) where you can be available.

Step 2

Planning call

We’ll hop on a planning call to prioritise your list what you need automated, and I’ll give you realistic expectations of what’s possible in the sprint.

Step 3

The Sprint

On the scheduled date, the sprint takes place. I’ll be entirely focused on your business during the sprint. We’ll collaborate throughout the day via instant messenger or email to ensure you get exactly what you need.

Step 4


After we’ve completed the sprint, you’ll receive 14 days of complimentary email support to ask any questions related to the work we did during the sprint.

why you’ll love working this way

  • Focus more on the high-impact changes and less on the stuff that doesn’t make a difference
  • Lots of collaboration during the intensive
  • Plenty of opportunities to provide feedback with real-time changes
  • It’s low risk. You aren’t committing to a big, long-winded project
  • Dedicated days in which you can be available — no more back and forth for weeks or months
  • Once the intensive is over, you can get back to business – no need work worry about a seemingly never-ending project running in the background

ready to get started?

I’m currently accepting new clients, and would love to see if there’s a mutual fit. Simply fill out the form above, and we’ll schedule a time where we can discuss your business, your project, and how I can help shape your businesses’ tomorrow.

Marketing & membership automation

Are you suffering from one of the following?

  • Your website isn’t fully connect to your CRM or email marketing system, so you can’t communicate with your audience effectively
  • You’re to busy working in your business to send nurturing emails to your audience
  • You are your team are already working at full capacity. The idea of growing your business sends shivers down your spine, because it means even more manual work
  • You’ve got data in spreadsheets and CSV files to move data between systems, which is a time consuming mess and a data protection nightmare