one week sprint

Win back valuable time by automating your marketing and membership workflows. By working in short sprints, we are able to focus on what really matters.

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automate your business in focused one week sprints

I help business people like you get your systems connected and talking to each other, your processes automated and your operations under control without the need for a traditional, time-consuming, expensive project.
Rather than working on big drawn-out projects, I work in short, focused, low-risk sprints where I’ll concentrate on delivering the highest impact changes for your business. You’ll get the changes you need quicker, so you can get back to business.
Here are some examples of we can do in a 1 week sprint.
  • Connect your website to your CRM
  • Connect your event platform with your email provider
  • Automatically onboard new subscribers and members
  • Get off the content hamster wheel with an evergreen newsletter
  • Setup your ConvertKit, ActiveCampaign or Pardot account from scratch
  • Automate your marketing operations with Make or Zapier

What’s included

Every sprint includes the following:

Planning call

30-60 min pre-sprint planning call where we discuss your needs and priorities the sprint.


Highly collaborative 4-day sprint, where we deliver the automations you need.

30-days support

30 days complimentary support where you can ask any questions on the completed work.

The sprint process

The week is focused on delivering the key automations that your business needs to become more effective.

Day 1

process mapping

We start off on the 1st day with mapping out your business and marketing processes, and identifying where automation will have the biggest impact.

Day 2

automation building

I’ll start building out the highest impact automations that we mapped out in Day 1.

Day 3

automation building

I’ll complete the build of the high impact automations.

Day 4

review & Tweak

We’ll jump on a call together to review the automations that have built. If necessary, I’ll the tweak the automation to match your needs.


price per sprint: £3,000

why you’ll love working this way

  • Focus more on the high-impact changes and less on the stuff that doesn’t make a difference
  • Lots of collaboration during the intensive
  • Plenty of opportunities to provide feedback with real-time changes
  • It’s low risk. You aren’t committing to a big, long-winded project
  • Dedicated days in which you can be available — no more back and forth for weeks or months
  • Once the intensive is over, you can get back to business – no need work worry about a seemingly never-ending project running in the background

ready to get started?

I’m currently accepting new clients, and would love to see if there’s a mutual fit. Simply fill out the form above, and we’ll schedule a time where we can discuss your business, your project, and how I can help shape your businesses’ tomorrow.